The Australia Wide Personnel Group gains a Victorian Labour Hire Licence

The Australia Wide Personnel Group is pleased to announce that we’ve been successful in obtaining a Victorian Labour Hire Licence.

The licence is valid for a period of 3 years and covers the following trading businesses within our group:

  • Australia Wide Engineering Recruitment
  • Australia Wide Labour Hire
  • Australia Wide Trades Recruitment
  • Australia Wide Office Staffing
  • Australia Wide Outplacement Services

Under the Victorian Labour Hire Licensing Act:

  • All companies providing labour hire, temporary staff or contractors (collectively known as labour hire) in Victoria will be required to hold a labour hire licence. 
  • Clients who use labour hire services are referred to under the scheme as “labour hire hosts”. There are legal obligations for hosts to ensure that they only use licensed labour hire providers.
  • There will be substantial fines for companies which provide labour hire services without a licence, and for hosts who use an unlicensed labour hire provider.   

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