Temp & Perm Office Recruitment – Market Commentary April 2016

Moving into the second quarter of 2016 has brought with it an escalation in temporary staffing requirements in both Melbourne and Sydney. Clients appear to be more tentative in offering a permanent role initially, taking a cautious approach to recruitment, although conversion from temp to perm is ​happening regularly. Clients appear to be less sure of their long term requirements and hence the ​pre​dominance ​of​ temporary assignments across the ​office ​staffing sector.

Sydney’s requirements ​are​ more customer service oriented, whereas Melbourne is largely administration​ and accounts​.​ ​

As we move closer to the end of the financial year, we predict that accounts receivable/payable and bookkeeping assignments will gain momentum. There also appears to be a wider range of software prerequisites, although MS Office ​and MYOB ​are still​ the​ major contenders​.​

Salary ranges have not altered ​noticeably ​for ​either​ permanent and temporary ​roles. Clients are continuing to offer​ more flexibility​ in working hours​, creating opportunities for working parents to drop off and pick up their children from school. Work/life balance continues to be a priority with candidates and ​clients appear to be more than happy ​accommodate this.

An interesting ‘quirk’ is ​a rising ​number of companies ​allowing employees to ​bring their beloved pets onto the premises​. So far from what we see, t​his​ appears to create a sense of ‘well being’ within the office environment.

With another election on the horizon, companies will ​no doubt​ continue to show caution with recruitment and ​we expect requirements for ​temporary staff to outweigh permanent recruitment for at least the next few months.

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