RESPECT – it’s why we’re still a growing company after 40 years.

I genuinely believe that one of the main reasons Australia Wide is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year is our culture which revolves around respect – respect in our dealings with our colleagues, candidates & clients. I can’t hand on heart say we’ve got this right every time however I can say that it’s definitely something we continually aspire to.

Respect is so important to our culture that we have a Respect Policy – essentially treating your colleagues, candidates & clients the way you’d like to be treated. And each quarter we have a Respect Award where our employees vote for the staff member who has best lived by our Respect Policy. That staff member then nominates a charity of their choice to receive a $500 donation.

I hope that the many thousands of colleagues, candidates & clients we’ve had the honour of dealing with over the years have had an experience with Australia Wide which they’d consider to be respectful.


Stephen Noble
Managing Director
The Australia Wide Personnel Group  

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